Certificate in Secure Network Operations

Certificate in Secure Network Operations is designed to enhance Networking Professionals skills with those required to securely manage networks.

Certificate in Secure Software Development

Secure Software Development is designed to give Software Professionals the skills they need to securely design, develop and assess software systems.

Certificate in Secure Systems Architecture

Secure Systems Architecture has been designed to provide the experienced Systems Architect with the cybersecurity skills needed to design Secure IT Systems.

Professional Diploma in Cybersecurity for SMEs

Learn the necessary awareness, business and technical, knowledge, skills and abilities to protect their business against cybersecurity threats.

Professional Diploma in Digital Forensics

Understand how digital forensics is an essential part of breach response and legal investigations

Professional Diploma in Security Penetration Testing & Analysis

Learn how to test an organisations cyber resilience by conducting penetration tests to determine vulnerabilities and understand how attackers evade security defense approaches

Professional Diploma in Web Penetration Testing and Assurance

Design and develop secure systems as well as assess them for vulnerabilities, security maturity and perform sought after web penetration testing

In close collaboration with Industry we have designed pathways focused on providing the learner with the necessary skills for a specific work role. Click the buttons below to find out which pathway is best suited for you.