Certificate in Systems Architecture Security

Designed to provide the experienced Systems Architect with the cybersecurity skills needed to design Secure IT Systems.

This pathway provides in-depth knowledge of cryptographical algorithms and protocols providing the learner with detailed knowledge in order to assess the correct type and usage of cryptography.


Software Colour Development

Starts January 2023

Course Level
Course Credit
Course Contact
1 Year
20 Credits
Special Purpose Award
Dr. Hazel Murray
EU €2,800/ Non EU €4000

Programme Descriptor


Upon completion, you will have a mastery of advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills relevant to addressing the security requirements in all aspects of designing and assessing an enterprise information technology architecture.

You will also have a critical appreciation of the wider societal implications of design choices made in developing cybersecurity infrastructure. An ability to maintain professional integrity and high ethical standards in the application of cybersecurity and privacy principles to organizational requirements.

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