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Building Irelands Cyber Security Skills

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Cyber Skills is for the ICT Professional looking to Up-Skill and Re-Skill in Cyber Security

What We Provide

100% Online and Fully Flexible Courses.

We provide individual micro-credentials or specifically designed pathways that provide you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your career with cybersecurity expertise. Cyber Skills fits into your schedule and lifestyle as all our courses are fully flexible and delivered online. Find out more about our courses and start your journey today.


For Individuals

Why should I up-skill?

Cyber Security is the fastest growing, in-demand fields of IT and there is a significant shortage of skills in this sector, both nationally and globally. Therefore, as an IT professional with cybersecurity qualifications your skillset is among the most sought after in Industry. Our pathways and micro-credentials have been specifically designed by our Industry partners in order to ensure that you, as a graduate, are workplace ready. Become part of a highly dynamic industry and know that your role is playing an important part in society today. 

Why should I up-skill my team?

Cyber Security is now a high priority for every business across all industries. A high percentage of cyber-attacks come through a lack of knowledge. Managers can no longer solely rely on cyber security software; but invest in staff education to identify a cyber threat and the upskilling needed to prevent it. By educating your staff through Cyber Skills online pathways and micro-credentials you are ensuring that they can protect and recover computer systems, devices, programs and networks from any type of cyber-attack. We designed pathways and micro-credentials in collaboration with our Academic and Industry partners which guarantees that Cyber Skills graduates are workplace ready.  


For Companies



Create Innovative, Enterprise focused and Research informed cybersecurity courses through meaningful collaboration.



Empower Learner to design their own courses and take their own pathways with straightforward articulation and progression routes



Facilitate new learning pathways using micro credentials and by capturing learning through e-Portfolios.

Our Partners


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