Certificate in Secure Network Operations

Networks and Wire
  • Course Code: CR_KSNOP_8
  • Course Level: 8
  • Course Field: Network Security
  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Qualification: Special Purpose Award
  • Start Date: January 2022
  • Course Location: Online
  • Course Credit: 20
  • Course Contact: Dr. George D. O'Mahony
  • Fees: EU €2,500

About the Course

Certificate in Secure Network Operations is designed to enhance Networking Professionals skills with those required to securely manage networks. 

The businesses cyber security obligations in the standards which need to be adhered to alongside the risk assessment in understanding the risk and cost of cyber threats.

Secure network systems and services modules provide a comprehensive set of skills in securely provisioning and maintaining networks. A vital tool in the detection and investigation of network issues and cyber-attacks is log file and event analysis.


Female Student with computers

Important Information

  • Programme Outcomes

    PO1 Knowledge - Breadth

    The learner will have knowledge and understanding of advanced concepts in the application of cyber-security principles to network operations including network security methodologies, methods for assessing and mitigating risk, security standards and log file analysis techniques.

    PO2 Knowledge - Kind

    Detailed knowledge and understanding in the application of cyber-security techniques to the operation of computer networks. The ability to explain related concepts and theories, describe the limitations of some current theories and knowledge and attain the knowledge to prepare for future cybersecurity threats.

    PO3 Skill - Range

    Demonstrate mastery of the skills and tools used to secure computer networks from current and future cyber threats.

    PO4 Skill - Selectivity

    Identify and select appropriate strategies to solve problems encountered in the secure operation of computer networks.

    PO5 Competence - Context

    Use advanced skills to securely operate computer networks. Diagnose and creatively solve potential cybersecurity issues in those networks in various contexts, which can be ill-defined.

    PO6 Competence - Role

    Capable of independent work or as part of a team to effectively identify, formulate and solve problems in securely operating computer networks.

    PO7 Competence - Insight

    The ability to articulate the wider social, political and business context within which the network operations professional operates and the need for high ethical and professional standards in ones work.

  • Entry Requirements

    A level 7 qualification in Computer Science or cognate discipline with modules on Computer Networking or equivalent gained through work experience.

  • Prior knowledge

    This Pathway was designed to meet the upskilling needs of Networking Professionals, as such a some pre-requisite knowldege of basic linux/unix, networking systems and services such as ssh, tcp etc. along with an awareness of networking hardware is advisable to ensure full benefit can be gained by the learner from the security aspects of the course.

    Applicants without the necessary academic qualifcations will be assessed on a case by case basis through their cv and a possible short interview process.