Certificate in Secure Network Operations

Certificate in Secure Network Operations is designed to enhance Networking Professional's skills with those required to securely manage networks.

Secure network systems and services modules provide a comprehensive set of skills in securely provisioning and maintaining networks. A vital tool in the detection and investigation of network issues and cyber-attacks in the log file and event analysis.


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Starts January 2023

Course Level
Course Credit
Course Contact
1 Year
Special Purpose Award
Dr. George D. O'Mahony
EU €2,800/ Non EU €4,000

Programme Descriptor


Upon completion, you will have knowledge and understanding of advanced concepts in the application of cyber-security principles to network operations including network security methodologies, methods for assessing and mitigating risk, security standards, and log file analysis techniques. 

You will also be able to use advanced skills to securely operate computer networks, then diagnose and creatively solve potential cyber-security issues in those networks in various contexts, which can be ill-defined.

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