Certificate in Security Penetration Testing & Analysis

The aim of the programme is to teach students the latest tools and techniques in identifying vulnerabilities (web and network), performing penetration testing and advanced pentesting techniques, including bypassing security mechanisms and evading defences.


Person security testing


September Semester

Vulnerability Analysis

Penetration Testing


January Semester

Evasion and Defense Analysis

Starts January 2023

Course Level
Course Credit
Course Contact
1 Year
Special Purpose Award
Dr. George O'Mahony
EU €3,500/ Non EU €5,000

Programme Descriptor


Students will be taught a mastery of advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills pertaining to the activities of a penetration tester and the trade-craft necessary to perform penetration testing including determining vulnerabilities, vulnerability analysis and associated tools, penetration testing frameworks, tools and techniques, cyber security defense evasion and detection and analysis of modern-day techniques that are deployed to bypass security tools and professionals.

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Vulnerability Analysis Micro