Certificate in Secure Software Development

Certificate in Secure Software Development is designed to give Software Development Professionals the skills they need to securely design, develop and assess software systems.

The pathway has been designed by software engineers to provide a comprehensive set of skills to support the development of secure software from requirements to Quality assurance.


Networks software developemnt

Starts January 2023

Course Level
Course Credit
Course Contact
1 Year
20 Credits
Special Purpose Award
Dr. Anila Mjeda
EU €2,800/ Non EU €4,000

Programme Descriptor


Upon completion, you will have an understanding of the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills relevant to the development of secure software at the forefront of the field, have the ability to critically analyze the security of existing software, and develop new software that is secure by design.

You will also be able to select and apply standard and customized tools and techniques, including novel and emerging technologies to develop software that is designed from the foundation to be secure.

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