Practical Cybersecurity

In this module, learners will be provided practical skills necessary to secure their networks, data devices, cloud security, VPNs, website security, cell phones, and more.

Professional Diploma in OT Security Operations Specialist

Learn the necessary awareness, business and technical, knowledge, skills and abilities to protect their business against cybersecurity threats.

Secure Network Services

At the end of this module learners should have the ability to operate, configure and secure various electronic communication systems, services and networks.

Secure Network Systems

The learner will evaluate common cyber security threats and defense in depth techniques to defend against these threats.

Secure OT/ICS Networks

The aim of the module is to enable students to understand the differences between IT and OT security risks, the impacts of user's behaviour and how to establish a Cyber Security Ma

Secure Software Development

This module focuses on secure software development practices and how they should be integrated throughout the software development life cycle.

Security Architecture

Students will learn the key concepts and techniques employed in designing secure system architectures.

Security Assurance

Learn how to locate and identify system vulnerabilities along with methods to identify potential vulnerabilities in a system design.