Secure Network Systems

Blue network wires
  • Course Code: CYBR8003
  • Course Level: 8
  • Course Field: Network Security
  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Qualification: Micro-credential
  • Start Date: January 2022
  • Course Location: Online
  • Course Credit: 5 Credits
  • Course Contact: Dr. George O'Mahony (MTU)
  • Fees: €625

Secure Network Systems

Network security is the activity associated with the detection and prevention of unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. In this module, the learner will evaluate common cyber security threats and defense in depth techniques to defend against these threats. In particular, the module will provide the learner with the skills to apply and use various computer protection components such as Firewalls, VPN and Intrusion Detection and Response Systems (NIDRS) and security techniques such as zoning and encryption. At the end of this module the learner should have the ability to operate and interpret information collected from various network security equipment and network tools to implement a secure network architecture.

Lecturer: Dr. George D. O'Mahony


Important Information

  • Entry Requirements

    A level 7 qualification with modules on Computer Networking, where the applicant has an understanding of how networking protocols work together to achieve data communications and the lifecycle of a packet as it traverses a computer network. This includes an understanding of a computer network, its architecture, protocol stacks and the process of data segmentation and encapsulation. In addition, the principles and structure of Internet Protocol (IP) addressing and sub-networking, along with building and configuring a basic network utilizing common network utilities would be advantageous.  

  • Learning Outcomes

    LO1 Assess how various network protocols are used to implement key network services. 

    LO2 Evaluate the security requirements and measures required to protect network services. 

    LO3 Implement and secure various network services found in electronic communications systems. 

    LO4 Review the main standards for deploying wireless communications in a network and best practices and configuration requirements to ensure that the wireless network is secure. 

  • Prior Knowledge

    No prior knowledge needed

  • Time & Effort Required
    • 2 hours p/week lectures 
    • 2 hours p/week lab 
    • 3 hours p/week independent learning 
  • Timetable

    Wednesdays 6pm-8pm

Student Stories

“Cyber Skills provides the building blocks needed to set you up for a career in Cyber Security. Online learning and the ability to re-watch a lecture has given me the freedom to work a full-time job and also fit in my extra-curricular activities.”

Colm McSweeney, Secure Network Operations Pathway

“Security is paramount on financial systems, and it cannot be implemented as an afterthought, I wanted to reinforce my knowledge on Cyber Security, to continue to design robust systems capable of sustaining today’s sophisticated attacks.”

Sébastien Le Callonnec, Secure Systems Architecture Pathway