Learn More about a Typical Online Cyber Attack and How to Protect Yourself

March 15, 2023
Cork Lifelong Learning Festival

Cyber Skills is proud to be hosting an event for the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival this year. The Cork Lifelong Learning Festival has been running for 18 years, and celebrates lifelong learning by introducing participants to dance, design, finance, cyber security and lots in-between. The festival is one of the key projects that makes Cork a UNESCO award winning Learning City. The team attended the Launch event on Tuesday 7th March and our interns were featured in The Echo: https://www.echolive.ie/corknews/arid-41087746.html

The Cyber Skills event, called ‘Anatomy of a Scam’ will be delivered by two of our lecturers, George O’Mahony and Gillian O’Carroll. They both have extensive knowledge of cybersecurity threats to business and people, and more importantly, the steps we all need to take to reduce our risks. In this informal event, they will demonstrate some of the most popular scams used by cyber attackers to steal money or data. It will be held over lunchtime on Wednesday 29th March at Cork City Library, so if you work in the city, you will have time to join in, and be back at your desk at 2pm. For more information and booking, please contact aoife.long@mtu.ie