Cyber Skills Award Winner: Secure Software Development, Pauline Finlay, Edgescan

December 19, 2022
Cyber Skills Award Winner: Secure Software Development, Pauline Finlay, Edgescan

Sponsored by Cyber Ireland

The Munster Technological University Faculty of Engineering & Science Awards recognise and celebrate students who have shown academic excellence throughout the year. For the first time this year, Cyber Skills had a category, honouring three students who excelled in their chosen pathway.

Pauline shares her experience of studying Secure Software Development with Cyber Skills and the value the pathway has provided her.

“Having seen first-hand the damage caused through data loss because of a simple phishing attack, I decided on a career change and returned to TUD to study Digital Forensics & Cyber Security. After graduating with a BSc (Hons) I started as a security analyst with Edgescan where I am currently part of a team dedicated to improving client application and system security.

Following on from my degree studies, I was seeking an opportunity to expand my knowledge of secure coding practices, particularly in terms of web applications. The course is delivered language independent allowing each student to focus on the actual coding weaknesses and vulnerabilities and the best practices for their remediation rather than on an unfamiliar coding language. The course not only covers the good coding practices but also how system vulnerabilities can impact the security posture of an organisation in terms of professional standards.

I discovered the Cyber Skills Secure Software Development pathway through a Cyber Ireland link and after attending a virtual introduction to the course and listening to what the lecturers had to say about the course decided it would be the perfect opportunity to expand my skills in this area”.