Cyber Skills - What You Need to Know

01 Nov, 2021

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Cyber Security Experts

Cyber Skills – Building Ireland Cyber Security Skills

Cyber Skills is national programme funded by the Higher Education Authority Pillar 3 Human Capital Initiative. In collaboration with Munster Technological University, University College Dublin, Technological University Dublin, and University of Limerick we are committed to addressing the skill shortage in Cyber Security.

We provide online, fully flexible university accredited micro-credentials and pathways. We empower the learner by offering a wide range of modules or specifically designed courses all of which have been aligned to the NIST NICE Cyber Security framework. As a Cyber Skills graduate you will be workplace ready with the skills and knowledge needed to advance in your career.


A micro-credential is a short, accredited module of learning. Cyber Skills micro-credentials are 5-10 credits and can be used towards a major award. We offer the control and flexibility to choose the micro-credentials you need to build your own training programme.

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Choose a pathway that has been specially designed in close collaboration with industry based on the needs of the workplace. Our pathways consist of micro-credentials which are tailored to a specific in-demand job roles needed by industry.

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Why should I up-skill my team?

Cyber Security is now a priority for every business across all industries. A high percentage of cyber-attacks come through a lack of knowledge. Managers can no longer solely rely on cyber security software; but invest in staff education to identify a cyber threat and the upskilling needed to prevent it. By educating your staff through Cyber Skills you are ensuring that they can protect and recover computer systems, devices, programs and networks from any type of cyber-attack.

Why should I up-skill?

Cyber Security is the fastest growing, in-demand field of ICT and there is a significant shortage of skills in this sector globally. Therefore, with cybersecurity qualifications your skillset is among the most sought after in organisations. Become part of a highly dynamic industry and know that your role is playing an important part in society today.

Why Choose Cyber Skills

“We are committed to empowering the individual in order to eradicate cyber vulnerability.”

Cyber Skills is the only place where you can find a course that has been specifically designed and created by industry and academia experts. Working closely with our industry partners Dell and MasterCard we have designed courses informed by the needs of the workplace to enhance the skills of networking and software development professionals. Our lecturers come from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, with a passion for cybersecurity. Combining years of experience and with expert knowledge our lecturers enable students to achieve their goals.

Cyber Range

Cyber Skills benefits from the first of its kind world class cloud based Cyber Range. The Cyber Range provides a secure, sandboxed area which simulates real-world feel scenarios and environments where students can test their new skills. Labs and assignments will be used to reinforce the content from the lectures. A full range of scenarios will provide the opportunity to test the vast array of techniques required to keep ahead in this challenging ever-changing environment.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Candidates who have gained relevant knowledge and skills through informal study or experiential means can apply for Cyber Skills Pathways and Micro-Credentials. We will discuss with an applicant their experiences to ensure our courses will be of benefit to their career.



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