Applications Open Now- Cyber Innovates Cyber Security Scholarship with MTU.

12 Apr, 2024

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Donna OShea, Josette O'Mullane and Simon Coveney at the Cyber Innovate Launch holding up long LED lights in front of the Cyber Innovate banner in Cork jail.

In today's digital age, cybersecurity has become paramount. With cyber threats evolving constantly, there's a pressing need for innovative solutions and skilled professionals in this field. Munster Technological University (MTU) is stepping up to address this challenge with its groundbreaking Cyber Innovate scholarship programme.

Announced recently by Brian O'Donovan in an RTE article on Cyber Innovates Scholarship Programme with MTU, MTU's Cyber Innovate programme is now open for applications. This initiative aims to foster a new generation of cybersecurity innovators and entrepreneurs by offering a comprehensive 10-month programme coupled with a tax-free scholarship of €38,000. Successful candidates will not only receive a postgraduate qualification in cybersecurity innovation but will also have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of new startups and innovations.

Unlike traditional cybersecurity courses, applicants are not required to have a background in cybersecurity or IT. This opens doors for individuals from diverse fields such as IT, humanities, and business to apply, fostering a collaborative environment where varied skill sets come together to produce groundbreaking solutions.

Dr. Donna O'Shea, Chair of Cybersecurity at MTU, emphasizes the significance of this initiative, stating, "Our graduates will be catalysts, educators, and leaders—architecting innovative cybersecurity solutions that bolster our national security and propel Ireland to the forefront of global cyber entrepreneurship."

Centered around the Cyber Innovate Immersive Environment (CIIE), participants will dive into real-world cybersecurity challenges and functions. Teams of individuals from diverse backgrounds including cybersecurity, IT, business, and humanities will collaborate closely. Their goal is to identify unmet needs within the cybersecurity sector and leveraging their diverse expertise to develop groundbreaking solutions. They will be supported by a mentorship network comprising industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, venture capitalists, and academics. Participants will also have access to MTU’s world class cyber security infrastructure including the Cyber Range and Q Cloud.

As Josette O’Mullane said, "In working with leading cybersecurity educators, researchers, innovators, and industry champions, we envisage the graduates from this programme will initiate a new wave of cybersecurity innovation and entrepreneurship in the region."

A recent report from Cyber Ireland and Cyber Skills highlights the opportunity to grow the cybersecurity workforce to over 17,000 by 2030. MTU's Cyber Innovate programme contributes significantly to this vision.

Apply for the cyber security scholarship through the Cyber Innovate website here- MTU Cyber Innovate Scholarship- Applications open until April 19th, 5pm.  





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