An Exciting Cyber Range Workshop at Bath Spa University, Dubai

March 7, 2023
Bath Workshop

In March, Cyber Skills was pleased to host an exciting workshop at Bath Spa University, Dubai, focused on the cyber range and the importance of cyber security skills. Dr. Thomas Newe and Dr. Kashif Naseer Qureshi, both of University of Limerick, provided a fascinating discussion about how to make sure you are one step ahead of potential attackers in this constantly evolving world of cyber threat and malware. The two-hour workshop supported participants to learn about the concept of the cyber range through hands-on exercises that built upon real-world tools, attacks, and scenarios. Key topics included the analysis of potential malware, service identification, and protocol analysis. 

The workshop was attended by both students and faculty, who showed great engagement with the topic. A recent blog post from the Bath Spa University Creative Computing Department captured the positive reaction to the workshop, with author Iftikhar A Khan saying,

The online workshop on the Cyber Range was a great success and achieved its objective of creating awareness about cyber protection. The speakers were able to share their knowledge and experiences, and the attendees were able to learn practical solutions for protecting against cyber-attacks.

While providing an in-depth discussion of the cyber range, Drs. Newe and Qureshi also gave the workshop participants a first-hand look at these concepts and technologies through a simulated environment. Via a series of interactive activities, attendees were able to gain a deeper insight into how cyber range concepts and systems can be an invaluable asset when testing and improving a cyber security system. Well-designed, interactive workshops such as this are an invaluable tool in the ongoing fight against cyber-attacks.