Why is Cyber Security a Good Career Choice for a Retiring Garda or Military Personnel?

24 Jun, 2024

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Cybersecurity Courses

For retiring Garda or military personnel, cybersecurity offers a perfect blend of mission-driven work, job security and the chance to leverage existing skills. It is a promising career choice for those who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving. See the many reasons below. 


Transferable Skills:

Military personnel and Gardai possess many skills that are highly relevant to cybersecurity.

  • Discipline and attention to detail are two major skills military personnel and gardai require to possess. They are essential skills for identifying and mitigating security threats.
  • Problem-solving abilities are critical for analysing security breaches and developing solutions. It is said that those who enjoy solving complex problems or watching crime shows tend to excel in cybersecurity roles. These are qualities that gardai and military personnel would possess. 
  • Understanding of security protocols is another huge transferable skill. Familiarity with protocols and security measures aligns with cybersecurity practices.
  • Experience with secure communication and information protection that are directly applicable to cybersecurity roles.

Mission-Driven work:

  • Sense of purpose: Many military personnel find a similar sense of duty and purpose in protecting digital assets and national security interests.
  • Alignment with military values: The mission to protect and defend aligns well with the cybersecurity objective of safeguarding information and systems.

Remote Work Opportunities:

  • Flexible work options: Many cybersecurity roles offer the possibility of remote work, providing flexibility for those transitioning from military life.

 Strong Demand and Job Security:

  • There is a very high demand for cybersecurity professionals alike with the demand for more Gardai and military members. The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks have led to a significant demand for skilled cybersecurity experts.
  • Job stability: The necessity of cybersecurity across various industries ensures a stable and ongoing need for professionals in this field. There is a 0% unemployment rate in the cybersecurity sector, showing that this is a steady career journey. Cyber jobs are also not affected by global economics such as recessions. There will always be a constant need for more workers in this field. 

The Benefits That Come With the Job:

  • The salary of cybersecurity professionals is 19% higher than the average Irish salary, making this an attractive career choice.
  • The sector is vibrant with networking events, keeping it social and not like a typical desk job. 
  • There is always room for growth due to exciting events such as Capture the Flag Competitions and constant salary increases. 
  • Due to the shortage of skilled workers in this field, there is more funding becoming available to those interested in upskilling or reskilling. 
  • In cybersecurity, no day is the same. Cyber criminals' methods are becoming more advanced which means that cybersecurity workers must always come up with new, creative ways to stop the hackers' methods from working. 

Retiring military personnel are well-suited for careers in cybersecurity due to their transferable skills, the high demand for cybersecurity professionals, competitive salaries, opportunities for growth, and the alignment of cybersecurity missions with military values. Additionally, support programs and flexible work options make the transition smoother, providing a fulfilling second career that continues to contribute to national security.

Team work, problem solving, people centric are all traits that Gardai and Military personnel have learned over their careers, making cybersecurity a career path that would align with their skill set.

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