Understanding OT: Secure Your Future with a Certificate in Operations Security

26 Jul, 2023

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Secure your Operational Technology (OT) against online attacks with new cyber security professional diploma programme

Operational technology (OT) systems, serving as the backbone of vital industries like energy, transportation, and manufacturing, are responsible for controlling essential physical processes and devices. However, with their increasing integration into IT networks, these systems are becoming susceptible to cyber attacks. Such attacks can lead to severe consequences, including power outages, transportation disruptions, and product recalls. In recent years, the frequency of OT security incidents has seen a troubling rise. For instance, the 2017 cyberattack on the Ukrainian power grid resulted in widespread blackouts, underscoring the urgent need for organizations to bolster their OT security skills.

There are compelling reasons to support the importance of enhancing OT security skills. Firstly, securing OT systems can be intricate and challenging due to their unique protocols and technologies, often lacking comprehensive documentation. This makes them attractive targets for opportunistic attackers. Secondly, OT security is an ever-evolving domain, with new threats constantly emerging, requiring continuous learning and skill updates. Thirdly, OT security directly impacts a company's bottom line and reputation, and overlooking it can expose organizations to financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liabilities.

If you hold the responsibility for OT system security, it is crucial to enhance your skills in this area. Various avenues can aid in achieving this goal, including specialized courses, industry publications, conferences, and networking with other OT security professionals.

Benefits of elevating your OT operational technology security skills include a better grasp of risks to OT systems and how to mitigate them, improved incident identification and response capabilities, informed decision-making regarding OT system security, and increased attractiveness to employers seeking skilled OT security professionals.

One effective option to enhance your OT security skills is by enrolling in the Professional Certificate in OT Security course offered by Cyberskills and UL@Work. This curriculum offers a comprehensive understanding of integrating IT and OT technology, addressing associated security issues, and gaining insight into relevant laws, regulations, and policies. By completing this program, participants will be well-equipped to handle the challenges of Industry 4.0 standards and effectively manage system integration while mitigating potential risks.

The diploma program is particularly valuable for professionals seeking career advancement, as it includes modules that focus on the Future of Work. These modules empower learners to showcase their individual portfolios, demonstrating their ability to adapt to the evolving cyber security landscape.

Aligned with the NIST/NICE framework of qualifications, the diploma ensures that graduates are well-prepared for specific job roles in the industry. Moreover, learners benefit from hands-on experience with cyber-attacks through Cyber Skills' unique cyber range training, contributing to a proactive approach to safeguarding businesses from threats.

A cyber range is a controlled, interactive technology environment where emerging online cyber security professionals learn how to detect and neutralise attacks, using equipment similar to that which they will have on the job. Here, students can practise their skills against hacks in a simulated, safe environment.

Don't wait until a cyber attack occurs; upskill and reskill yourself and your employees to be the best line of defense. UL@Work programs are designed in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring industry-responsive skills transfer for current and future needs. Designed for working professionals, these flexible and accessible programs can help you stay ahead of the threat and protect your organization from potential cyber disasters.

To express interest in the Professional Diploma in OT Security Operations, offered by Cyber Skills in collaboration with University of Limerick, Munster Technological University, and Technological University Dublin, please register through the provided link: [Link to UL]. For more information on Cyber Skills' micro-credentials and pathways, visit cyberskills.ie.

Cyber Skills is now taking expressions of interest for the Professional Diploma in OT Security Operations. Please register here Cyber Skills is a collaboration between Munster Technological University, University of Limerick and Technological University Dublin. For more information on Cyber Skills’ micro-credentials and pathways, please visit: cyberskills.ie.


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