We are Ireland's leading experts in cybersecurity education. Four of Ireland's top universities, Munster Technological University, University College Dublin, University of Limerick and Technological University Dublin  are collaborating to provide pathways and micro-credentials to address skill shortages in the area of Cyber Security. Our programs will provide you with the knowledge, skills and training needed to upskill and enhance your career in cybersecurity. Find out more about our courses here.


Why Choose Cyber Skills?

The answer is simple, Cyber Skills is the only place where you can find a course that has been specifically designed and created by industry and academia experts. Working closely with our industry partners Dell and Master Card we have designed courses informed by the needs of the workplace to enhance the skills of networking and software development professionals .


Our lecturers come from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, with a passion for cybersecurity. Combining years of experience and with expert knowledge our lecturers enable students to achieve their goals. Learn more about our lecturers here.

Our programmes are aligned to the Internationally recognised NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework to provide clear guidance to learners on the work role tasks, knowledge and skills being covered.

Cyber Range

Cyber Skills benefits from the first of its kind world class cloud based Cyber Range. The Cyber Range provides a secure, sandboxed area which simulates real-world feel scenarios and environments where students can test their new skills. Labs and assignments will be used to reinforce the content from the lectures. A full range of scenarios will provide the opportunity to test the vast array of techniques required to keep ahead in this challenging ever changing environment.

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Why Up-Skill in Cyber Security?

Our society is vulnerable and at risk of cyber-attacks. This coupled with the current global shortage of cyber security professionals means that now is the perfect time to expand your knowledge and skillset to areas which are highly sought after by organisations. In an industry with a 0% unemployment rate there is a wide range of opportunities for growth and promotion as well as multiple career options to choose from.   


Cyber security skills are among the fastest-growing, in-demand expertise of IT and there is a significant shortage of talent in this sector. The talent gap is increasing and with cyber-attacks becoming more frequent there is an increase in job opportunities with companies offering competitive salaries to entice prospective candidates. With an engaging career path and a wide range of options for growth and specialisation now is the time to upskill and start your career in cyber security.