Future Focused Professional Portfolio 2

This module provides learners with an opportunity to demonstrate independent and self-determined learning through the creation of their individual portfolio.

Information Security Architecture

Students will learn about information security and its importance in protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems and information.

Log Files and Event Analysis

The learner will evaluate log files and learn tools to extract associated valuable data for detecting cyber threats and system performance issues.

Malware Behaviour Analysis

Malware analysis is used as part of a forensic investigation to understand the behaviour and purpose of malware which is designed to cause harm or exploit any programmable device.

Malware Reverse Engineering

This module teaches students the skills and toolsets required for in-depth investigations of modern malware and understanding what malicious impacts it can have on systems.

OT/ICS Networks & Protocols

The aim of the module is to provide knowledge, skills and abilities related to communication networks and protocols used in Operational Technology.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is the authorized process of attacking a computer system to evaluate the security of the system by identifying and verifying security weaknesses.

Practical Cryptography

Students will gain a hands-on understanding of practical cryptographic applications and their correct implementations in information systems.