Study with Cyber Skills

Cyber Skills offers instructor-led online classes giving you the flexibility and convenience to fit up-skilling into your busy schedule.


Building on the extensive experience of the partner universities in delivering online programmes Cyber Skills uses a flipped classroom approach with mixed modes of delivery to provide you with the best learning experience to suit your schedule.

Our delivery methods support the needs of the professional by being part-time, online and in the evening to suit work and life schedules.


In close collaboration with Industry our pathways have been designed to satisfy the needs of the workplace. The pathways are focused on providing the learner with the necessary skills for a specific work role, to provide targeted skills for your job needs.

Choose from a specifically designed pathway or pick individual micro-credentials to build your own route to a QQI accredited qualification.


Applications open now for classes starting September 2021. Click the buttons below to find out more about which pathway is best suited for you.  


Network Operations 

Certificate in Secure Network Operations Special Purpose Award is designed to provide the Networking Professionals with the skills required to securely manage networks. 


Certificate in Secure Software Development 

Secure Software Development Special Purpose Award is designed to give Software Professionals the skills they need to securely design, develop and assess software systems. 


Certificate in Secure Systems Architecture

Secure Systems Architecture Special Purpose Award is designed to provide the experienced Systems Architect with the cybersecurity skills needed by a Secure Systems Architect. 


A micro-credential is a short, accredited module of learning. Our Cyber Skills Micro-Credentials are 5-10 credits and can be used towards a major award. If you are looking to gain specific knowledge or skills in an area of Cyber Security, this may be the best option for you.  

Click the buttons below to find out more about which micro-credentials are best suited to you. 


Cybersecurity Standards & Risk


Information Security Architecture


Secure Software Development


Secure Network Systems 


Cryptography & Protocols 


Cryptography & Protocols 

For further information on our pathways and micro-credentials don’t hesitate to contact us at: 

NIST NICE Framework

Cyber Skills programs have been developed in close alignment with the NIST NICE Cyber Security Workforce framework. The framework has been developed in a partnership between government, academia, and the private sector focused on cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development. Cyber Skills is aligned to the NIST NICE framework work roles. 


The framework provides a common definition of cybersecurity work roles using a comprehensive list of cybersecurity tasks along with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform those tasks. This has allowed us to describe learning outcomes which align to well recognised definitions of knowledge and skills.